Making People Happy Through Pizza

At Cenario’s Pizza, it’s common to see smiles on both sides of the counter. Our customers love to be able to feed their family at a reasonable price while receiving a Quality pizza. We want our pizza and our prices to impress you enough that you tell your friends and family about us. When customers do our advertising, we can concentrate on making a great pizza and give excellent service. At Cenario’s, we WANT to be your NUMBER 1 CHOICE when ordering pizza. So when You think about Pizza, think Cenario’s.

Our Dough

At Cenario’s Pizza we believe that freshly prepared dough is the foundation of a great tasting pizza. That’s why we prepare our dough fresh daily!

Tomato Sauce

Our tomato sauce is made with fresh packed tomatoes and our own spice blend which gives our pizzas a unique and zesty taste that’s hard to resist!

Our Cheese

We take pizza seriously and when it comes to cheese we don’t cut any corners. Our cheese is 100% real California Mozzarella.

Quality Toppings

We use only the best ingredients for our pizza toppings. Our vegetables are carefully selected for quality and sourced locally.


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